SUS304 Austenitic Stainless Steel

Introduction & Properties

Stainless steel SUS304 has good resistance to intergranular corrosion and corrosion resistance to oxidizing acids (such as nitric acid) , alkali solution, and most organic acids and inorganic acids. SUS304 has good weldability can be used for welding thin-walled parts, and is one of the most widely used stainless steels.  Method of welding will be decided by its thickness, the thickness of 2mm should be adopted within argon arc welding while the thicker plate use arc welding.

Chemical Composition of SUS304 (%)
 Grade                      C        Si        Mn          P           S          Cr          Ni        
 SUS304    Min.      --        --          --             --           --        18.0       8.0      
                    Max.    0.08    1.00     2.00     0.045    0.03     20.0      10.5     

Forging process of SUS304
 initial forging temperature / ℃    final forging temperature / ℃         Cooling
        1130 ~ 1180                                            > 850                                air-cooled

Preliminary heat treatment of stainless steel SUS304
   ① annealing process: 970 ℃, water-cooled.
   ② Intermediate annealing process:  850 ℃, water-cooled.
   ③ Elimination of processing stress annealing: 300 ~ 350 ℃, heat 1 ~ 2h, air cooling.
Solution treatment of SUS304
 1080 ~ 1100 ℃, cooling with water or air.

SUS304 is widely used, the following typical applications are:
 • pipes, containers, household items, cabinets,
 • indoor pipes, water heaters, boilers, bathtubs,
 • automotive parts, medical equipment, building materials,

 • chemical, food industry, agriculture, ship parts.

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