310 (310S)

310 (310S) Austenitic Stainless Steel


Austenitic stainless steel 310 (310S) is a heat resistant one with excellent resistance

to oxidation. the high amount 8of nickel and chromium entitles 310/310S excellent elevated temperature strength and resistance to oxidation compared to 304. 310S Stainless Steel is identical to  310 except for a lower carbon content and the lower carbon content of 310S does reduce its high temperature strength compared to 310. 310 (310S) are essentially nonmagnetic as annealed and become lightly magnetic when cold worked.

The high chromium and nickel contents of 310 (310S) provide comparable corrosion resistance, superior resistance to oxidation and the retention of a larger fraction of room temperature strength than the common austenitic ones.Meanwhile,310 resists oxidation in continuous service at temperatures up to 1150°C provided reducing sulphur gases are not present. It is also used for intermittent service at temperatures up to 1040°C; while 310S (UNS S31008) is used when the application environment involves moist corrodents in a lower temperature range.

Chemical Composition of 310 (310S) (%)
 Grade                C         Si         Mn        P         S              Cr           Ni           
  310       Min.     --         --          --          - -          - -        24.0     19.0    
                Max.   0.25     1.50     2.00     0.045   0.03      26.0     22.0  
  310       Min.     --         --          --          - -          - -        24.0     19.0      
                Max.   0.08     1.50     2.00     0.045   0.03      26.0     22.0   


Typical Application of 310 (310S) is shown below:

 • furnace, oil burner parts
  carburising boxes
  baskets and jigs
 heat Exchangers

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