Dangers and other unsafe factors in the process of stainless steel casting

Currently in our country, stainless steel casting is quite nommon. But the working conditions is poor. There are many dangers and harmful factors in the process. Casting is an important part of machinery manufacturing industry. About 70% blank parts which are used in the machinery manufacturing industry are casting. The casting methods inlcudes sand mold casting, investment casting, shell mold casting, metal mold casting, pressure casting, etc. And its feature is that it is a method that pours molten metal, and injects or sucts into a mold cavity,getting a certain shape and performance after solidification. In the precess of casting, the pouring process is mostly done by manual work which is not noly onerous but also intense. Due to some complicated process such as material with high temperature and some metal liquid requiring special handling or operation. So, accidents are easy to happen.

Noise is one of factors causing personal injury, which can occur in the the process of cleaning, shovel burr cleaning, casting cleaning, mold dismantling. Also, smoke such as carbon monoxide which can be produced in the process of cupola, electric arc furnace, sand mold and core baking, is greatly harmful. In the casting process, some harmful gases occur. Such as in the process of deposite metal with coke, ladle, pouring, sulfur dioxide is produced, which can cause respiratory diseases. Another unsafe factor is climate condition. Large amounts of heat will be produced in the process of casting. Especially in Summer, the temperature in the workshop can be more than 40 degrees, which affects production greatly. So, it is very important to improve the labor environment. At the same time, it is very easy to break out of fire and explosion due to high temperature and high radiation. Because of the complicated working condition, some other harmful factors are produced, such as being injured by a crashing object, bruised, burns, burns and dust pollution.

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