4 Ways of Cleaning stainless Steel

As we all know, stainless steel is famous for its clean surface which can resist corrosion and rust. Stainless steels can be used in many fields in our daily life. One of the most popular appliance is in kitchen and bathroom. It is very common that stainless steels can be dirty as well. So there is a need for us to learn how to clean stainless steel. Here are 4 basic methods of cleaning stainless steel:
1. Water and a cloth
It seems very easy to clean stainless steel by using water and a cloth. In fact, it is not that simple if you want to clean rust thoroughly, because there are many things that you have to keep in mind. When you select the instruments, it is better for you to choose microfiber cleaning cloth due to its excellent water absorption capability, and this cloth will not scratch the surface of stainless steel. As for water, to be honest, only plain water works since minerals in water can still leave spots on stainless steel. Therefore, when you determine to clean stainless steel, it is of importance for you to dry the cloth to prevent water spots.
2. Mild detergent and a cloth
To clean stainless steel, mild detergent and warm water can do a great job without damaging stainless steel. Generally speaking, a drop of mild detergent and warm water can get very tough dirt off the stainless steel. What you have to bear in mind is that the cloth must keep dry before you clean stainless steel to avoid water spots caused by minerals in water.
3. Glass cleaner or household ammonia and a cloth
Many people may complain the fingerprints on stainless steel. In my opinion, these fingerprints can be cleaned by using glass cleaner or household ammonia. You just need to spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth or spray directly on the stainless steel, and then wipe in a circular motion gently to remove the fingerprints. If any need, please repeat. At last, you need to rinse thoroughly and use microfiber cleaning cloth to dry the stainless steel so that the mineral water cannot leave marks on it. At present, there have been new types stainless steel which can resist fingerprints.
4. Stainless steel cleaner and a cloth
A stainless steel cleaner may be a good choice if you want to clean or polish stainless steel. Usually, most of these cleaners and polishes can help minimize scratching and remove stains on stainless steel. It can also improve the polishablity of stainless steel. When you clean it, please make sure to rinse thoroughly and keep the cloth dry.
As far as I'm concerned, the key to keep stainless steel stainless clean is proper care and maintenance. With just a little bit of effort, your stainless steel will keep clean and durable. Hope these 4 basic methods can help you a lot for cleaning stainless steel.

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