Suitable stainless steel material for kitchen utensils

There are many kinds of stainless steels. Do you know what kind of stainless steel material is suitable for making kitchen utensils? It is well-known that the material for making kitchen utensils must be harmless to our health. Therefore, first of all we should know which material of stainless steels is good for us. How much do you know the stainless steel sanitary pipe? The main difference between Stainless steel sanitary pipe and non-stainless steel sanitary pipe is the content of harmful elements contained therein. The content of the harmful elements contained in Stainless steel sanitary pipe must below the range of the national standard. Otherwise, they are mainly used in industry. The harmful elements mainly refers to the surface treatment of sulfur, phosphorus, lead and hexavalent chromium.They are not the means for distinguishing, but the craft. The higher of the surface finish both inside and outside, the less dielectric adhesion, which is beneficial to corrosion resistance. If the surface finish is very high, there will be very little dielectric adhesion. Then it is very easy to wash, especially in the pharmaceutical and health industry.
Generally speaking, It is a little difficult for buyers to distinguish the quality of stainless steel, because they can not detect the material. Usually, they just judge the quality of products according to their appearance. There are 2 kinds of stainless steel material which is suitable for kitchen utensils. They are 304 and 316L. Most of the material of sanitary stainless steel sold in the market are 304. Consequently, if you want to buy the stainless steels for kitchen utensils, you had better choose the reliable sellers. At least, they can guarantee the quality of the material, including the content of it.

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