Is there any fatigue damage when we use austenitic stainless steels?

As we all know, every thing has two sides. Austenitic stainless steels have played a crucial role in the Construction field. They have brought much convenience for us; however, they also have their disadvantages. Nowadays, The news about the fatigue damage caused by austenitic stainless steels has aroused many people's attention. Health is very important for us. Every one should pay attention to this.
In order to prevent accidents, it is extremely significant to evaluate fatigue damage in an austenitic stainless steel, which is widely used in structural components of industries. The evaluation method has already been put forward for this purpose by some research groups, for instance, the residual magnetization method. As far as I'm concerned, this method is pretty effective to evaluate fatigue damage in austenitic stainless steels. Nevertheless, there is a difficulty for us to use this method on the Internet, because a magnetizer is needed. To access the remaining service life, the perpendicular residual magnetization method using a thin-film fluxgate magnetic sensor is applied. Consequently, we apply the non-destructive system with an eddy current probe to use on the website. This system could clearly detect fatigue process, damage accumulation in SUS304 included.
Although austenitic stainless steels may have a bad influence on our health when we use them, we can decrease the harm.


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