Advantages and Disvantages Comparison for Common Polishing Methods

There are ussally three polishing ways for stainless steel:mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrochemistry polishing, each way has its own advantages and disadvantages.
1. mechanical polishing
One of the most important advantage is that the workpiece can be in good leveling and high brightness after polishing. While it has the advantage that it will take much labor and cause serious pollution, and the luster can't be consistent and durable. The workpiece may rust quickly in this way. Mechanical polishing is suitable for simple, medium and small size products but not be available on complex parts.
2. chemical polishing.
Less equipment investment is the basic advantage of chemical polishing, complex parts is also can be done. Rapid, high efficiency and good anticorrosion capability are the few characteristics. But the drawback is brightness inhomogeneous, and difficult to heat. Gas overflow always happen, so ventilation should be added.Chemical polishing is suitable for small batch complex and small parts which the brightness requirement is not very high.
3. electrochemical polishing
The advantages are that the luster may keep long, easy to operate, with less pollution, low cost and good anticorrosion. While the disadvantages are high polluting, investment is big. Fixture and auxiliary electrodes are needed on complated parts, and cooling facilities are required in mass production. Electrochemical polishing are usually used in mass production of high-class products.
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