A Few Processing Methods for Stainless Steel Corrosion

As we got to know,stainless steel performs the stainless capability through the characteristic of the alloy composition, which chrome element played a dominant role. Combined with oxygen the surface will form a thin but hard chromium oxide layer, the film protects stainless steel from corrosion.
But sometimes stainless steel also corrupts because of unproper using ways, here we would like to introduces a few processing methods.
To deal with corrosion, we need to remove the different color and renew the surface. There are mainly two kinds of ways to chose:
1.Chemical methods 
It includes pickling (by immersion, using pickling paste or spray),auxiliary passivation (after pickling), electrolytic polishing. After pickling, it is very important to use proper water flushing to remove all contaminants and acid residue on the surface, and the water should be softened water which is to avoid calcium splash and pollutant embedded into increasing oxidation layer.By the way, due to the iron dessolves faster in the acid lotion, we can use pickling and electrolytic polishing ways to enrich the chromium content. Chemical methods is the only way that can solve the crrosion on welded parts.
2.Mechanical methods
It involves sand blasting, glass or ceramic particles shot blasting, scrubbeding and polishing.Although all the methods can form weld seam, not a mechanical processing will provide a rigorous corrosion residance capability. Meanwhile using mechanical methods could wipe the pollution caused by cleared material, polishing materials, or annihilation material.
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