High temperature alloy

As one of the most important stainless steel, high temperature alloys is also called superalloy in some foreign countries, with the basic elements of Fe, Ni and Co. It can be resistant to oxidation and corrosion under the temperature up to 600 ℃, and can bear long-time work under a certain stress of alloy. High temperature alloy was alloyed to a very high degree, and no much deference between using temperature and melting temperature.
According to its basic elements, high temperature alloy can be divided into high temperature nickel base alloy, high temperature iron base alloy and high temperature cobalt base alloy. According to the preparation techniques it is divided into deformation high temperature alloy and casting high temperature alloy. According to strengthening ways it will be divided into solid solution strengthening high temperature alloy, aging strengthening (precipitation hardening) high temperature alloy, oxide dispersion strengthening high temperature alloy, fiber strengthening high temperature alloy. The main characteristics of high temperature alloy is it can be always strong under high temperature, and the properties won't change much under the condition of high oxidizing temperature atmosphere or gas.
High temperature alloy is widely used to be the key material on the end components used in aviation and aerospace engine. High temperature alloy is also popular in the areas need to be resistant high temperature and corrosion in the fields of resource, medicine, petrochemical and other industrial departments. We can say that High temperature alloy is an indispensable material of stainless steel in the construction of national defense and national economy.
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