Grinding and Polishing Skills for Die Steel NAK80

NAK80 owns the advantage speciality of mirror grinding than any oter steels because of the following two points:
(1)The pinhole shall be lowered to minimum because of the double melt refining.
(2)It possesses the fine and homogeneous microstructure for using the technique of low carbon precipitation hardening steel.

Before grinding and polishing, surface must first meet the requirements of planeness, straightness, surface between precise angle, and the right shape and size.

(A)Abrasive materials must be prepared in completed series, from coarse to fine and used in specific correct order, no skipping allowed.
(B)Every time the grinding and polishing direction should be vertical to the last time.
(C)Abrasivepaper shall not be chaged to next level unless the vestige of last level have been completely removed and surface shining, oterwise pinhole will appear  after polishing.
(D)Abrasive materials should be homogeneously and smller than pinholes while wiping them.
(E)Grinding and polishing tools shall be softer than workpiece.
(F)If grinding wheel being used it should be as soft as possible, and the shape need to be altered to match grinding surface.
(G)If working process should be paused for a certain period, then the surface of semi-fished products should be cleaned carefully and stored in drying area.

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